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TIME SENSITIVE: In just 60-75 minutes per day, this 5 day highly-interactive challenge will help you to get laser targeted with the EXACT STEPS on how to find off-market deals in ANY market in the US and quickly flip these deals with little or no money involved….giving you 5 figure pay days on every deal.

This is NO FLUFF, hard-core training that will take you from just “another wanna be” real estate investor to a true entrepreneur that can flip properties from ANYWHERE in the world.

My promise to you on this challenge.

Now, I’m not saying that you’ll Find & Flip 5 properties in 5 days…but I am saying that you will find 5 properties in any market that can be flipped, find 5 cash buyers in those markets, and get the knowledge to put the entire deal together… in ONLY 5 DAYS.

1. Identify The Best Markets For Quick Flips

See how to quickly find the hottest markets for flipping right now in the Us - down to the exact zip codes.

2. Find 5 Or More Hot Properties For Flipping

Discover how to zero in on specific properties where the sellers are highly likely to sell AND how to put their home under contract

3. Find 5 Or More Multi-Deal Buying Cash Buyers In Those Same Areas

There is an ocean of Cash Buyers ready to buy deals in every market. See how to tap into this massive demand INSTANTLY and put your deal together.

Ready to take your Real Estate Investing strategy to the next level?

Fellow Real Estate Entrepreneur,

Let’s face it, a little over a year ago the world changed.

Many people were caught flat footed.

It’s become painfully obvious to me once we are on the other side of this storm, there will be two very different types of people and businesses…

Group 1 - The “victims”. The ones that look back on the time with regret. Wishing they had done more. Wishing they had taken the time to learn a new skill, start a new business, or just generally improve their lives.

Only to have those hopes and dreams “trapped” inside, never to be seen again, as they sit around and tell themselves that they were somehow wronged and play the role of the victim.

Group 2 - The Victor! A much smaller group of people and businesses that took MASSIVE ACTION in uncertain times. They decided to move in an intentional way. They leaned into the storm. They decided that they would never let their financial future be put at risk again - and then did something to improve their lives.

My question for you….

Which group are you going to fall into?

How do you want to look back on this time?

Victim or Victor?
The Time Is NOW!
This time (RIGHT NOW) is literally the opportunity of a lifetime.

Millions of new businesses will be born in this time.

Millions of people will create their fortunes.

The world is becoming more automated by the day.

We live in a world where the possibilities are endless.

You just need clarity.

You need to see the opportunities for what they are.

You need a plan.

You need to do it for yourself and your family.

You need to BE BOLD.

You need to act in the moment and embrace the struggle.
This Changed Everything For Me
I’m often asked “Kent, what would you do if you had to start over? If you had nothing. Could you go into a market and start flipping houses ..FAST?

The answer is “Yes!

I could go into ANY MARKET - especially in these times - and start flipping in less than 5 days.

You see, about 17 years ago, I got started in real estate.

I was a 33 year old young man that had just built a $1.8 Billion dollar company in my 20’s and then eventually was run out of it.

I was beat up, desperate, and broken.

I had lost everything that mattered to me in life.  

I lost the wealth, the possessions, the security, the notoriety, my marriage, my friendships, and the self worth.  

It was 13 years of building and then 2 years of losing it all.

I was shattered.

And then I found real estate wholesaling.

I stumbled into an industry that I knew nothing about, but was hooked instantly.

I found a way to make a lot of money quickly ... and I grabbed on with both hands. I was a one man show, but I was back in the game.

Soon, I knew I needed to turn it into a “real business” that could pay me on “auto-pilot”.

So, I became a machine and built a process to flip properties quickly….the process is called “Reverse Wholesaling”.  

I automated the processes, streamlined the systems, and the rest is history.

It changed everything for me….AND now, it’s changed everything for tens of thousands of other people all over the country.

Our organization has now flipped over 6,000 properties.  

My father and two brothers run this wildly successful real estate operation, and it’s allowed me to focus on my passion - helping others to make their dreams come true too.

I share this because whether I’m flipping 1 or 1,000 properties, the process is the same.

Drop me in any city and I know exactly what to do and how to get it done quickly.
More importantly…. DON’T DROP ME IN THE CITY.
With technology today, you DON’T EVEN NEED to be located in the city you’re flipping properties in.  

Heck you don’t have to ever walk through a house, meet a seller face to face, meet a buyer face to face, or even show up to a closing.

It can all be done VIRTUALLY.

From anywhere in the world.

Don’t believe me?


Then that’s the challenge that I have for you.

I’ll prove it to you over 5 days.

That’s right … Just 5 Days!!

For the first time ever, I am going to teach the very thing that has had the greatest impact on my life.... For pennies on the dollar.

Are You Ready To Accept The Challenge And Learn How To Create Real Impact In Your Life And Change Your Destiny?
It’s only $55!
Thousands of people have each spent thousands of dollars to spend 4 days with me at live events all over the country to learn these techniques.

I’m going to PROVE TO YOU that YOU CAN DO THIS over 5 days...starting Thursday...from the comfort of your own home.

Click here to secure your spot and join thousands of other entrepreneurs in the Find & Flip 5 Day Challenge.

Don’t waste this opportunity.

You have a chance RIGHT NOW to get the skills and knowledge to NEVER have to work for someone else ever again.

You have a chance RIGHT NOW to pivot your existing business that is struggling and discover a new, straight-forward method to flip endless deals to buyers from all over the world.


We are going to do deep dives over 5 days and SHOW YOU how to do this starting immediately.

I look forward to you joining us!

The Time Is Now!

- Kent Clothier
Who Is Kent Clothier?
Kent Clothier
Kent is the founder and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide, where he leads an amazing team of individuals that are focused on building disruptive systems that push the entrepreneur dream and the real estate industry forward.

Kent is the son of an entrepreneur and thus, he is a serial entrepreneur by nature. Beyond that, Kent is a proud husband and father of three amazing kids. He's dedicated his business life and ventures towards awaking the human spirit in all of us and inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs to escape the “rat race” and create the dream lives that they’ve always wanted.

Kent stands for integrity, ideas, companies and products that allow entrepreneurs to not only “learn” what it takes to live a successful life on every level, but the tools and strategies to create real change on a daily level. Kent feels we all have a gift and it is our responsibility to share that gift with the world and insure that people respond. 

As a result, almost all of Kent's businesses involve products and services that ultimately change human behavior to encourage budding entrepreneurs to expand their vision, enhance their lives, and shake off the emotional baggage from their past.

Through Real Estate Worldwide, Kent invests and builds entrepreneurial focused education products and services that empower individuals to create real businesses, active and passive income, time freedom, and lasting change. Kent's goal is to help to “wake people up” to the real possibilities in today’s amazing real estate market and beyond. In Real Estate Worldwide's first 10 years, Kent and his team have been able to have a positive impact on over 20,000 entrepreneurs around the world. Their mission for the next 10 years is to impact 2 million people and to change their lives and create our own “dent in the universe”.
See What Others Have To Say...
Kent, his family, and their entire organization are the real deal!
- Jessie Itzler
The strategies that Kent teaches are more relevant now than they’ve ever been. If you’re in his community, consider yourself lucky.
- Ed Mylett
Kent is one of the fastest action takers I’ve ever met. He moves quickly to solve big problems and to scale businesses as fast as anyone I’ve ever met. He’s a master at breaking it down to get the results fast and effectively.
- Roland Fraiser
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Value: $997
Join TODAY for only $55


Will this be the year you FINALLY BREAK THE CHAINS and create a REAL BULLET PROOF business that helps you to reach every one of your goals?

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